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Electric Light Orchestra - A New World Record (Sony CSCS 6031)

Track Listing

  1. Tightrope
  2. Telephone Line
  3. Rockaria!
  4. Mission (A New World Record)
  5. So Fine
  6. Livin' Thing
  7. Above The Clouds
  8. Do Ya
  9. Shangri-La


This CD was released as part of the CBS Nice Price budget line. It contains the same mastering as the 32DP 473 first pressing from Japan. If you're looking for the 32DP mastering, this CD can often be found for a lower price than the original 32DP disc.

Along with the usual album art, this CD came with an extra insert with a track listing, lyrics and mini catalog for other Nice Price titles (a small portion of it is reproduced above).

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