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The Best Of Jay And The Americans (Legendary Masters Series)

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CD Design

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Track Listing

  1. Tonight**
  2. She Cried**
  3. Dawning
  4. This Is It
  5. Tomorrow
  6. Yes**
  7. Only In America**
  8. Come Dance With Me
  9. Come A Little Bit Closer*
  10. Let's Lock the Door (And Throw Away the Key)
  11. Think of the Good Times
  12. Cara Mia**
  13. Some Enchanted Evening
  14. Sunday and Me
  15. Why Can't You Bring Me Home
  16. Crying
  17. Living Above Your Head
  18. (He's) Raining in my Sunshine
  19. What Will My Mary Say
  20. (We'll Meet in the) Yellow Forest**
  21. This Magic Moment
  22. Hushabye
  23. Walkin' In The Rain**
  24. Do I Love You?**
  25. She Cried (Italian Version)*
  26. Come A Little Bit Closer (Spanish Version)*
  27. Things are Changing*
  28. "H.I.S." Slacks - Radio Spot*
Tracks are stereo ADD, except as marked:
* Mono AAD
** Stereo AAD


This could have been a very nice collection of tracks by Jay and the Americans. Most of the tracks are remixes, but the main problem here is that they are heavily no-noised. Lots of weird popping and other artifacts caused by it. Very noticeable, especially on headphones! I wish I could recommend this compilation, because the songs on this CD are very good, but the noise-reduction applied ruins it.

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