Hurricane Matthew: Pics!

Well, I still don't have permanent access to the Internet at home because Frontier sucks (they keep driving past our house and slowing down to look, but they won't actually get out to fix anything), so these pictures took a little bit longer for me to post than I would have liked.

I present to you, the hurricane Matthew damage and cleanup:

Outside 1

Outside 2

Front Porch with tree

The Ocean Galley restaurant here lost part of its sign and the parking lot was a bit flooded:



Ocean Galley parking lot flood

And finally, the cleanup:

Trees cut

Trees cut




There's still a lot more that needs to be done around here, but it's a start. Some tarps were put on the roof yesterday to keep the rain and animals from coming in, and the landlord is getting estimates from contractors and roofers to repair the house. The damage looks pretty bad, but it sure could have been much worse...

I'll post more pictures and updates as they happen.

Until next time,

Nick Higgins

Hurricane Matthew: Late Update

Sorry this took me so long to update. The Internet and power are still off at our house. We ended up having a very large tree fall on our house, which put a few holes in the roof above our bedroom. Another tree also fell in our yard, knocking out the power completely. The front yard is completely filled with trees and my car is stuck in the carport.

I will post photos as soon as the Internet is back on at our house, whenever that is. The roof still needs to be repaired and the trees removed. At least we are safe and the storm is over...

Hurricane Matthew: 11:19PM

Still have power! Flickered a few more times and the internet cut out for a minute (which caused me some issues trying to connect to my network again) but so far, so good.

Hurricane Matthew: 10:12PM

Even more wind and rain. Still have power, but it keeps flickering a bit. Might not have it much longer.

Hurricane Matthew: 9:12PM

The wind is still picking up speed and a few branches are down. We still have power though for right now. Too dark to take a picture of the yard. I'm playing Slingo while I still can.

Hurricane Matthew, Part 1

It's hurricane season! As I ride out Hurricane Matthew, I'll try and keep this blog updated every so often, electricity and Internet permitting.

So far, we've seen the outer bands of the storm bring us some rain and not much else, though the wind is picking up. Below is a shot of our yard as it is at the time of this post (about 6:20PM). I probably won't be able to take another one tonight since it's getting dark, but we'll see.

Backyard picture 1

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