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Jun 12, 2016

So, what's changed since I last posted here in February? Not a whole lot. In my attempt to take over the Internet, I joined Instagram (@nick99nack), and I made my first post on Twitter (also @nick99nack). I also joined imood and plan to post updates on that site every so often too.

***Site Updates***

There's probably not much here that most people would notice. Most of the updates come in the form of some style tweaks in order to make the site backwards-compatible with older browsers. Users of modern browsers actually shouldn't notice a difference at all.

Things you might have noticed:

  • The imood indicator under my picture

  • The Yahoo! Messenger indicator

  • The AOL Instant Messenger indicator

  • The imood status page

So really, it's just the indicators. The rest of the updates were just some code changes that made the site compatible with a wider range of browsers and devices. Adding backwards-compatibility to the site made the code a lot more robust, and it finally fixed the problem I was having with the page being cut in half on mobile devices. This site is now backwards-compatible with:

  • Netscape 6.x and up

  • Internet Explorer 5 and up

And... that's about it. Hopefully I'll get around to posting here more often, as long as I don't get too overwhelmed with schoolwork.

Good luck.

--Nick Higgins