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Mar 21, 2017

When I first got back to New Jersey, I turned on the lights in my bedroom, brought my stuff in and left the room for a little while. When I came back, I was hit with this nasty dead, rotting fish smell. It wasn't the first time I had smelled it, but it was extra strong this time. According to my dad, it had started when I first left for GA back in late December of 2015. It was a very confusing smell, because it seemed to come and go without warning.

We first thought that maybe a mouse had gotten in the house and died in the wall or ceiling near my bedroom, but we couldn't find any evidence of that, other than the rotting smell that seemed to go away for long lengths of time and then return. It was maddening...

Finally, we realized that the smell seemed to appear only after the lights had been turned on for a length of time. We narrowed it down to an old uncovered pull-chain light fixture. I took my screwdriver and removed the fixture and...

Nothing. I expected to find something dead behind it, but there was nothing there. However, before I put the fixture back up, I noticed that there was a little ring holding part of the fixture together, and it had yellowed. Sure enough, it was that ring that smelled! Why there was a plastic ring on a porcelain light fixture, I have no idea. My only guess is that someone had broken the original porcelain ring that was supposed to be there and replaced it with a plastic one, that was now disintegrating.

So, if anyone has the smell of rotting fish when they turn on a light they haven't used in a while, it may just be the light fixture itself. I still have to replace my fixture, since the plastic ring seems to have glued itself in place.

Mar 2, 2017

Back in 1996, Disney released a piece of software called "The Walt Disney World Explorer" that took users on a magical journey through the rides, shops, hotels and attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort. This was always a favorite of mine when I was in the mood for a little Disney World but couldn't visit the parks (although it just made me want to visit the parks more).

The program was pretty simple to use: Just move the cursor (Tinker Bell in this case) around the map and click on things you want to hear more about. When Tinker Bell's wand sparkles, you've found something to click on.

Click image to view full map

Frontierland & Liberty Square

There are also "Hidden Mickeys" throughout the program, and finding 10 of them unlocks a bonus video clip.

Some other areas of the program:

New Tomorrowland

Space Mountain

Disney Studios Florida (Now Disney's Hollywood Studios)

The original Discovery Island!

Future World at Epcot (Look at those classic attractions! Horizons and Food Rocks!)

I wish Disney would make an updated version of this. The latest version (Second Edition) was released in 1998. In my opinion, it gives you a much more in-depth look at the attractions and history of the resort than their website. The narration is top-notch, and includes the sights and sounds of the park, plus some 360-degree views. It makes me want to take a vacation! Their website is dull in comparison.

Note to seekers of this CD-ROM: It works on Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/2K/XP. It will not work on Windows 7 or NT 4. Also, the background ride noises won't play on versions of Windows other than the 9x series (95/98/ME). This may not be a big deal to you, and some of the narration is easier to hear without all the added noise on the map sections. But, if you are really anal about every last detail, you need Windows 9x. Also, lower your screen resolution to 640x480 if you can. On Windows XP, you can set the compatibility settings to do this automatically when you launch the program.

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