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Apr 13, 2017 (#Tech)

Someone was getting rid of what I thought was a small, color TV set. It was manufactured in 1982. Turns out it's actually a black and white set. I'll use it on my desk for now until I can find a similar-sized one in color. I've never heard of the brand before (It's a Centurion).

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

Sep 16, 2016 (#Tech)

Happy September, everyone! I can't believe I'm already saying that. It seems like summer just started.

Just today I got something that I've been wanting to get for a long time. Introducing the Sony D-5 Compact Disc Compact Player!

Sony D-5 Image

First released in 1984 at $350, the Sony D-5 (D-50 in international markets) was the world's first portable CD player.

Sony D-5 Image

As a fan of vintage audio stuff and a Sony collector, I had to have one of these. The sound isn't anything special, though it does sound lightyears better than the cheap portable disc players in stores today.

I'll probably keep this unit on my desk for when I want to listen to CDs through headphones while I'm working on things.