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Why I'm not switching to Windows 10

Windows 10 has been out for about a year and a half now, and I still have absolutely no interest in installing it on any of my computers. I actually can't figure out why anyone would *want* to use Windows 10. It's a big, bloated (even more so than Windows 7 and 8) piece of spyware and adware that takes over your entire machine. So, why would anyone want to use it? I still don't have an answer, but let's take a closer look at why not to use it:

Privacy? What privacy?

As soon as you start Windows 10, it begins tracking what you do and sends who-knows-what-data back to Microsoft. Microsoft doesn't tell you what data Windows 10 collects or where it's going. I'm sure some of this data is used for ads within the OS (yes, you read that right. ADS WITHIN THE OS) and to make sure you're not using pirated software, but we don't really know what else they're collecting.

Ads, ads & more ads

Do you want ads flashing at you while playing Solitaire? How about on your Start menu? Me either, but Windows 10 includes them. And don't forget about the ads on the lock screen either.

Would I like to pay Micro$oft for my solitaire? No, thanks!

"Operating system as a service"

Windows is switching to an "operating system as a service" model for Windows 10. This means that your computer will automatically install updates, and the way your PC looks and works could change at any time. Just recently, an announcement has been made about "project Neon" with many changes to the Windows 10 user interface. I'm not sure why anyone would want their OS to constantly change how it looks and works, it seems to me that it will just confuse people and generate more calls to customer support.

So if you don't mind not having any privacy, having ads all over the place and constantly changing software, then Windows 10 may be for you. As for me, I will stick with Windows 7 and earlier for as long as I possibly can, and then I will switch to linux for new computers that don't support Windows 7. I've already been using Ubuntu 12.04 since it came out five years ago, and it still runs just as fast and smooth as it did they day I installed it.

Long live Windows 2000!